«LUNAR ROVER» Robotic unit for oil storage tank cleaning

Innovative solution for cleaning oil storage tanks from oil products and sludge
«LUNAR ROVER» – Robotic unit for oil storage tank cleaning
Innovative solution for cleaning oil storage tanks from oil products and sludge
Lunar Rover

The design of our robot was inspired by the first self-propelled space vehicle, the Lunokhod. Our unit is similar to the space unit in terms of dimensions, wheel drive with caterpillar steering (all-wheel steering — without steering wheels), operation in exotic conditions, in complete isolation, and under control from a great distance. Like the Lunokhod, our robot has a frameless load-bearing structure and uses the chassis not to carry cargo but to move the working bodies on a responsible mission.
About the Unit
The Robotic Tank Cleaning Unit is a remotely controlled, explosion-protected, hydraulically driven, all-wheel drive chassis equipped with oil sludge washout and recovery systems. The oil products collected by the unit are pumped out of the tanks as a water emulsion by a sludge pump. The high-pressure technology allows both horizontal and vertical surfaces (up to 4 metres) to be quickly cleaned of oil sludge in a wide range of temperatures and viscosities.

Remote control is possible via pneumatic signals, while remote monitoring is possible via explosion-proof CCTV, even in total darkness.

The robot differs from its peers primarily in its capacity of up to 75 cubic metres of sludge per hour at a cleaning front of 1.2 metres and a distance of up to 200 metres from the Complex's base.
Bench testing
The Robotic Unit is delivered to the oil collection site in disassembled state. The distance from the base of the Complex to the Oil Storage Tanks is up to 200 m:

  • control — via 'pneumatic' tubes from the remote control;
  • the hydraulic fluid (high-pressure hot water) — through the HP line from the pump module;
  • vacuum — through a pipe from the outside vacuum module;
  • remote CCTV cameras on the Unit and on the wall or roof of the oil storage tanks — by cable.

The Unit is controlled by a remote control located at the base of the Complex.

  • The HP module is triggered, comprising a water heating unit and a vacuum module.
  • The wheel and auger drive is connected and the washout nozzles are switched on.
  • The operator, observing the signal from the video cameras located on the Unit and on the Oil Storage Tanks, controls the oil collection via the control panel. The flow of hydraulic fluid dilutes and liquefies the thick oil products to emulsion consistency, allowing them to be conveyed by a rotating rotor (auger) to the vacuum pump inlet and further transported through the hose to the collection tank.
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